Community Work


The communal work “UMUGANDA” has become an obvious term sensitizing all Rwandans living in the country to participate once at the end of the month in removing debris, rubbish and planting trees in our neighborhood environment. RGI being an environmental organization, members have pledged to be part of the communal work setting an example to other organizations. The participation to “Umuganda” is sometimes made either as team to a located harbor or as individual into their respective neighborhood.


Tree planting is one of the mitigation and adaptation measures with highly positive impact on increasing the environmental resilience in our country and worldwide. There is a need to join hands in making Rwanda, Africa, world Green and raise our voice a head. Rwanda Green Initiative with the NGO’s or Government bodies organizes different Tree planting activities and this is a good encouragement for Rwandan and to keep that place we have to strengthen the started activities. It is because of these activities that Rwanda is the 3rd greenest destination in the world.