Mission, Vision & Objectives


  • Our Vision is to create a better and safe environment for Rwandan community.


  • RGI mission is to enhance environment protection, conservation and promotion of sustainable development through climate change resilience to create a prosperous future benefiting all Rwandans.

The main objectives of Rwanda Green Initiative are : S

  • To inspire, engage Rwandan youth for active and effective climate and environment actions to contribute for better and safer community.
  • To educate the public about the science and impacts of climate change and to propose solution related to the capacity of community.
  • To prioritise sustainable development that meets the needs of the present generation and the future.
  • To prevent, control and reduce water resources pollution and degradation from point and non‐point sources by involving the community and stakeholders of related sector to participate in this action.
  • To educate the public about natural resource role in our life and impacts of its degradation as well as solutions to protect those resources.