On-Going Projects

Ongoing project:




Most part of Nyabihu District is hilly and during rain seasons there are landslide causing rivers to shrink affecting downstream people practicing agriculture.

RGI designed an ecosystem based adaptation project to protecting Giciye water sheet, promoting best agriculture practices, women empowerment and increase social welfare of the community.



Environmental secondary schools clubs :


After completion of Rwanda power shift phase one there was a need of initiating clubs in schools as way of mobilizing more youth to take action towards saving environments.

From that four Green Initiative clubs was initiated and started to implement some activities.

Established green initiative are :

EAVFO KIBISABO Green Initiative , Rambura Garcon Green Initiative Intarushwa , Rambula fille Green Initiative, and Kibihekane Green Initiative.


Committee with school leader and RGI members

Kibihekane Green Initiative Committee




EAVFO Kibisabo Green Initiative club member

Rambura Fille Green Initiative club member


Green Initiative clubs projects:

Kitchen garden and Nursery project

Visit to the project :

RGI support the implementation of clubs activities to ensure that the meber get all required skills to be able to perform well the planned activities  Clubs activities visit


Kitchen garden






Tree nursery




Fruit Nursary



Tree planting is one of the mitigation and adaptation measures with highly positive impact on increasing the environmental resilience in our country and worldwide. There is a need to join hands in making Rwanda, Africa, world Green and raise our voice a head. Rwanda Green Initiative with the NGO’s or Government bodies organizes different Tree planting activities and this is a good encouragement for Rwandan and to keep that place we have to strengthen the started activities. It is because of these activities that Rwanda is the 3rd greenest destination in the world.

Tree planting











Natural environment need to be protected to prevent degradation for the for the benefit of both the environment and human.

This is not an action of the government or outside of the country organisation require action of every one on earth.

Rwanda Green Initiative took initiative to mobilise and help grass root community to protect and conserve natural resources towards sustainable development.


Rwanda Power shift

Rwanda Power shift phase one in Rwanda launched in 2014 with ambition to move from word to action.

Campaign started by general climate change awareness and then move into practice.

Currently different people mobilised in that campaign are implementing project to solve climate crises as a global challenge.


Research consultation

Research inform policy and decision makers the need to prioritise, support in good planning, investment and in policy formulation.

Rwanda Green initiative involved in research and consultation to contribute in formulation and implementation of project related to the society need based on the produced evidence.



Environmental education is needed to ensure that the community understand well

what is happening around them. And the action the can take.

To cover the existing gap on the needed skills Rwanda Green Initiative offer training in different environmental sector to their member, initiated club members, cooperative members and the community in general.


Climate change

Climate change impact our community negatively.

Globally many conventions take place to discuss on that is.

Involvement of the community is a et for success in implementation of leader’s agreement. Rwanda green initiative raised awareness of that issue and engaged the community in mitigation and adaption to climate change projects



Rwanda energy primary use is dominated by biomass. Biomass is used in the form of firewood, charcoal or agricultural residues mainly for cooking purposes in Rwandan household.

Government put in place policy and different strategy relate to energy. Addition to that trough Rwanda Development Board offer opportunity for investment.

Rwanda Green initiative is providing its support trough initiated clubs and cooperative to mobilize and help the community to use alternative source of energy.



Community Work

The communal work “UMUGANDA” has become an obvious term sensitizing all Rwandans living in the country to participate once at the end of the month in removing debris, rubbish and planting trees in our neighborhood environment. RGI being an environmental organization, members have pledged to be part of the communal work setting an example to other organizations. The participation to “Umuganda” is sometimes made either as team to a located harbor or as individual into their respective neighborhood.

RGI in community work

Clubs and cooperatives

As an organisation that work closely with the community, to extend it’s ability used a strategy to initiate clubs in secondary schools to ensure that their message reached to a large number of youth.

Work closely with women cooperative to empower them and involve them in environment activities as the one who are most vulnerable to the negative impact of environmental degradation and climate change.









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