Past Project

Past projects : Rwanda Power shift(RPS) phase one

Under Global Green grants fund, an American based organization, RGI has been able to implement its first of kind project. The overall goal of RPS was to laud up for youth and local communities to influence the implementation of climate strategies and action plans that are likely to improve the well-being of people. The theme of the project was “Best Solution to Climate Change in Rwanda”.


The campaign originally targeted youth and was predicted to impact other community members indirectly. Around 1, 600 youth, both girls and boys benefited from this campaign.

The campaign contributed to the general climate change awareness in the whole District, directly involving the local government, scholar’s parents and indirectly, the general Nyabihu District community.

EAVFO Kibisabo Winners

Leaders,Teachers, students from Rambura Garcon and RGI member pledging to protect the environment in their daily work

Organisation member capacity building

Having qualified and experienced members lead to producing high quality products .

One of the key objectives of RGI is to build folks capacity on environment and climate change issues. It has kicked started with their members hoping to do the same with other practitioners around the country.

Training organised in partnership  with Association pour la conservation de la Nature au Rwanda (ACNR) under the  theme “Awareness to environment protection and Climate change”

Executive director of ACNR giving a presentation

RGI members posing to the RGI flyer after training